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So… who the heck AM I??

I’ve been asking myself that for years. Other people have been wondering for years! Just ask my kids – they’ll tell you! I know I need to write something and it needs to be something other than the blurb on my  Laurel Stone School of Real Estate  
website that makes people think that I must be 100 years old! I mean, how many Realtors out there have been in the business since 1977? My guess is that lots of readers weren’t even BORN in 1977….. YIKES!! I remember when I was in grade school I thought I’d be really, REALLY old when the year 2000 came and, even if I was still alive, I probably wouldn’t remember it!! My, how differently we look at things as we age!

As I sit here at home writing this a dog has just dropped a slimy kong on my lap knowing that the treats that are usually inside of it really come from me. I'm surrounded by dogs right now.... have 4 and I love them all but I really want 2 which is a perfect number. Someone asked me recently after I made that comment if I was going to find homes for 2 of them... no... couldn't possibly do that. I'll just wait a few years because 2 are older and the thing about dogs is that they really don't live long enough for us. Enough about dogs... you can find out more here on their blog called Laurel and her Dogs (creative, huh?  :)) 

pref_Lift202004206_suff I used to race sailboats and if any of you reading this know them... it was a J24 and if any of you are from Neenah, the name of it was Duck Soup. No, I didn't get the name from guys named Marx and, no, I don't cook ducks. It's a slang word - here .....copied from the internet: a slang term for something easily accomplished, equivalent to "a piece of cake" .....ok....so it wasn't "duck soup" but it WAS lots of fun! ....and I made some great friends!

More to come... gotta go fill a kong...

OK....back a day later to finish this up. I have a friend here and we think the best thing is for her to just ask questions and I'll answer them:

  1. When's your birthday:   May 13th
  2. Where were you born?   Brooklyn, New York
  3. Where have you lived?    Hanover (mostly - I was raised there) and York Pennsylvania and Appleton, Neenah, Menasha, Winneconne and Winchester, Wisconsin
  4. Other than sailing and dogs, what have you done in the past for fun?    Tennis, Tae Kwon Do (a LONG time ago), Pottery, Macrame (ok...that dates me), Scrapbooking (before it was called that) and photography.
  5. Do you have children?    Yes, 2 girls, Candace and Sharon.
  6. Do you have grandchildren?    Yes, Candace and Sharon each have a son and a daughter.
  7. Do you have sisters and brothers?    Nope... a spoiled.... only child!
  8. What is your favorite food?     Hmm... it's a toss up betweena peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a grilled cheese sandwich WITH sliced tomatoes....oh...  and PIZZA
  9. What is your favorite ice cream?       Peanut butter ripple hands down!
  10. What's your favorite movie? Well the last time I went to the movies was when Home Alone came out which was awhile back but I have seen some DVDs. The Secret is most likely my favorite but in a more entertaining vein I like Forrest Gump.
  11. We know you have dogs... what have you done with them?       I compete in dog sports and have put over 40 titles and counting on 5 dogs over the last 7 years in Herding, AKC and UKC Obedience, Rally, Schutzhund, PSA (Protection Sport Association) and SDA (Service Dogs of America) Tracking. In addition, all my dogs have been therapy dogs and I've been an evaluator for Therapy Dogs, Inc. in Cheyanne WY.
  12. Did you ever have a nickname?     No.. my mother wouldn't hear of it!
  13. What is your favorite quote?      Hmm... so many.. I guess the one I say to myself often is: "It's not what happens to us, but how we react to it that counts".
  14. Finally, tell us about your real estate career.         .....NO... that's well documented at my real estate school site. No sense repeating it here! :):)
So there you have it! Thanks to my friend for asking the questions and my appreciation to anyone who actually got this far with reading this post. I would have stopped paragraphs ago!!


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