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Do you have stats about staged home?
  In 2008 occupied homes in our study that were previously on the market an average of 57 days as un-staged properties, had not sold. Those same homes were taken off the market and staged and re-listed. Those properties on average sold after 6 days on market after they were staged, which is 89% less time on market. Based on information gathered by RESA.

Hi Nan! I have a large picture window in my living room? 
Answer:  When you have a large picture window to work with do not put any furniture in front of the window as it gives depth to a room. Also, whenever possible do not put the back of living room furniture facing the door. You want to create a bright open area especially near the door. 

: Hi Nan! I’m thinking about putting my house up for sale. What can I do to get started before that?
Answer:  Define the space Start packing up anything you aren’t using on a day to day basis. Do this job early, so it doesn’t overwhelm you, and then get the whole family involved. Avoid storing excess gear in the garage if you can. A better option is a storage facility. Some storage companies even bring the storage to you so you can load it, they’ll store it, then deliver it to your new place when needed.


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