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Ask the Experts:

Home Mortgage Specialist: Cindy Behm from Flagstar:

Question: What is included in each mortgage payment?

Answer: This could vary depending on how you and your lender set up your mortgage. Discuss this with your lender prior to signing your final documents to ensure there are no surprises after the closing. Your payment could consist of the following:

· Principal - The amount that reduces what you owe to the bank.

· Interest - The amount of interest due the bank for the prior month.

· Mortgage Insurance - If you have a loan that requires mortgage insurance, this will be part of your payment.

· Property Taxes - If this is not included in your payment, you will need to pay it to your municipality when due.

· Insurance - Home Owners or Hazard Insurance. If this is not included in your payment, you will need to pay it when due

· HOA Dues - If you have a Home Owner's Association, you will probably have some type of dues. If this is not included in your payment, you will need to pay when due.

Again - make certain that you know what is included in your payment to ensure that you don't have any surprises when your Home Owner's Insurance, HOA Dues or Property Taxes are due. If your Home Owner's Insurance, HOA Dues and/or Property Taxes are not included in the monthly payment, you will need to come up with the cash when they are due.

Home Staging Expert: Nan from First Impressions Staging and Design:

Hi Nan! I’m thinking about putting my house up for sale. What can I do to get started before that?

Define the space. Start packing up anything you aren’t using on a day to day basis. Do this job early, so it doesn’t overwhelm you, and then get the whole family involved. Avoid storing excess gear in the garage if you can. A better option is a storage facility. Some storage companies even bring the storage to you so you can load it, they’ll store it, then deliver it to your new place when needed.

Quote of the Week:

Energy is the essence of life. Every day you decide how you are going to use it by knowing what you want and what it takes to reach that goal, and by maintaining focus. Oprah Winfrey

Water Tower and Town of the Week:



Lomira was first settled by the Indians in 1840. White settlers, mostly from New York and various European countries, followed in 1843.

In the early years, stagecoaches provided transportation to Lomira on the historic Yellowstone Road, now Highway 175. In 1871, a railroad built just east of the original village brought more growth.

When the Village of Lomira was incorporated in 1899, it covered 530 acres and had a population of 433. At this time, Lomira consisted of a hotel, brewery, cigar factory, general store, drugstore, fish hatchery, furniture factory, shoe factory, blacksmith shop, campground, and hat shop. Unfortunately, most of these businesses ceased operations during the Great Depression.

As part of Wisconsin's dairy land, Lomira's economy has always been strongly linked to agricultural industries. The area has an abundance of surface waters, numerous wildlife refuges and preserves, and excellent hunting and fishing.

Photo of the Week:

Joshua…. Been with me since 1980!

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